Tuesday, January 4, 2011

monday = thinking day

i've called it.  monday.  it's my thinking day.  just like standing on the brink of a new endeavor.  my mondays seem to always make me think.  laundry's done. apartment's clean.  now how can i really be productive?  this topic seems to align with the many resolutions that my friends and family are and aren't making this year.  for me, i've never made them because i've never been truly passionate about my options, but as i get older and seem to appreciate more life lessons.

goals for 2011 - modish vintage

i feel this is a good year to make a few. 
 joythebaker inspired me with a few of hers. 

here are a few from my closest:

chase-to get a hobby: tutoring, teaching, giving things away (we've discouraged the game playing for money and expensive hobbies like golf and hunting)
sarah-haven't talked to her yet...my hope is to spend more time with me! :) love you, sar bear!
mom-a new talent/skill (mom's probably the only person i know to ever complete her resolutions....cooking school, weight loss, saving for vacation, remodeling the kitchen....what a record!)
dad- ?? finally clean out the garage?? (trust me, it'll take him the whole year- he's my mom's perfect match)
ana-perfect her gym routine, including squats with a bar (haha)
fern-get through and pass police academy with flying colors so he can wear one of those cool blue uniforms and carry a gun, visibly. lol
kate-her art; may it continue to grow and reflect Christ
lola, wendy, rach, maddie, morgan, and alma...haven't talked to these special ladies yet...but i know that they are all planning for a wonderful 2011.

fireworks from the unreliable girl

i am thinking of my list...it will be posted soon.  what are yours?

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