Wednesday, October 20, 2010

how do you roll?

tempting, eh? waitress suggestion the temptation roll - cream cheese + avocado...
outcome =greatness!

annie and her soy sauce.
i should have taken a picture of her boots instead...:)

quotes of the evening:
A: "Hannah, do you want anymore more of my roll, I know it's spicy?"
H: "No, I'm good. I'm trying to decide if I want to save mine for Chase, since I told him I would."
A: "All it takes is eating about 3 pieces and your mouth gets used to it."
H-- staring at the tail-end of the roll..."Well I guess I won't be getting used to your spicyness."

"I see that y'all didn't have much leftover." Chase
Ana replied, "Yeah, I made sure that didn't happen."

an amazing evening with my sweet friend Annie. i got to eat sushi, see her amazing chopstick skills, and give her and fern their 1 year anniversary card 2 months late. :)

great friends never lose touch- even if it's eating sushi and talking about suede boots and how it's our dream to be stay at home moms some day.


L A C E Y said...

Hi hannah! I'm happy you found my blog because it led me to yours! how are you? where are you working? that temptation roll looks delicious!

if you'd like, enter my giveaway for a chance to win $35. :)

Ana & Fernando said...

Love it, Hannie!! We MUST have another sushi date. I'm always craving a good TCU roll.